Design of reliable products is strongly based on the reliability of components they have been built upon. Virtis s.r.o. is using technologies from world's leading manufacturers as pillars of scalable solutions for both small and larger customers.

Base of the solution are the servers and disk arrays from Dell Corporation that provide excellent means to design redundant power and network connections and can be trusted to be well and quickly taken care of by the Dell warranty technicians in case of a malfunction.

Products from APC (American Power Conversion) have been selected for ensuring uninterrupted power supply with the additional value of switching and monitoring of each power outlet.

Virtis prefers to use Cisco products for infrastructure but we have experience with Juniper products as well. When talking about infrustructure it means particularly routers, firewalls, switches and load balancers. In lower load environments we also use software load balancers which allows for significant price reduction.

Virtualized services need for their functionality hypervisor, Virtis is primary using Xen and VMWare, only exceptionally others. The actual operating systems are usually GNU/Linux based (Debian, CentOS) and less usually Windows.

Considering the IPv4 exhaustion are all Virtis s.r.o products of course designed and developed so they would natively support IPv6 protocol and wouldn't need additional investments in the near future - since we believe this should be already a standard.

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