Server consolidation with virtualization

High cost of more and more expensive electrical energy, more and more powerful servers, difficult replacement of failed machine and problematic modifications when one part of the server stands out as the bottleneck. This is the current reality but it has relatively simple solution.

Virtis s.r.o. does analysis and designs the optimal way how to lower the costs and to have more flexibility in the server utilization. The key is called virtualization which in essence allows the new powerful server to be sliced into several virtual parts, each of them working as a separate machine. When designed right this can save significant amount of money to the regular company with several tens of servers and bring unheard of flexibility into the server management - it is therefore not surprising the companies are very interested in virtualization. The advantage of Virtis s.r.o. is the long time experience with virtualization using serveral different platforms (Xen, VMWare, KVM, VirtualBox).

Moreover when used with the HA Cluster virtualization gets another added value, this product then becomes what is currently called cloud (although from technical point of view cloud should have geographical redundancy). The servers migrate the accessible hardware as they need and take as much resources as necessary. When not needed they return them to the pool to be available to their colleagues.

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