Off-site antivirus and antispam for corporate e-mail

Due to the fact that almost 85% of e-mail communication are spam and viruses and they overload internal mail servers of small and medium businesses our specialists have designed and developed  a service that makes use of our huge spam and viruses database and allows our partners to capitalize on it.

Our partner sets his or hers MX to Virtis spam cluster and using a web interface sets rules for e-mail delivery and of course the target mail server. It is possible to limit delivery to defined e-mail addresses, turn the greylisting on or off, make use of black- and whitelists, stored rules and of course choose whether the identified spams and viruses should be only marked and delivered or if they will be quarrantined at the Virtis mail cluster.

E-mails are delivered using SMTP protocol (with TLS/SSL encryption) which means no delivery information is lost (e.g. BCC etc.). It also means the delivery to the target server is made immediately after the scanning - it is not neccessary to download messages in defined intervals.

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